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The Five-Star FIVE:

OuterStage reviews indie theatre arts from workshop and reading to off-off Broadway.
DramaQueensReviews takes a look at women in the arts; their work and themselves
Arts Independent analyses while reviewing; Ai has a more critical eye
Words4Music lends support to cabaret, concert, musical theater, and bands & groups
IndiePicturesBlog covers the home-grown non-studio movie and its inevitable rise. 

If you’d like to write for these sites, please contact Natasha Dawsen at 

Author, musician, and journalist, Natasha Dawsen, curates five 5-star peer reviews on independent arts and now one IN YOUR OWN WORDS:

Arts-Views allows audience members to comment on any work of lively art regardless of where it is played, professional status, or how long a  run. AV gives you a vote!


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